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Holcombe Hunt

The Holcombe Diary

The Holcombe season starts on the 1st May each year and there are a wide range of activities scheduled throughout the year.

Hound Shows & Parades

During the summer months, the Holcombe hold it's own annual Puppy Show where all supporters are invited to join us for afternoon tea at the Kennels whilst the hounds are shown under the scrutiny of two judges from outside the Hunt.

This is followed by our best hounds being entered at the Great Yorkshire, Peterborough and Rydal Hound shows.

The Holcombe also parade hounds at local agricultural shows throughout the summer months

Pre-season Ridden Events

From early August, the Holcombe organise several pre-season events and rides that will give both horse and rider the opportunity get fit in preparation for the hunting season.

Please contact the secretary for dates & venues.


From the middle of September through to early March, the Holcombe organise Meets twice a week from the following locations. Please contact the secretary for dates.


The Holcombe hold numerous social activities throughout the year that are open to all-comers. These range from the fun 'Mud Rash Awards' though to our prestigious Hunt Ball. Please contact the Secretary for more details.